Beef ban and humane feat on a Bangalore road

Beef has been banned in Maharashtra, an Indian state, under the Maharashtra Animal Preservation (Amendment) Act; the ban is effective March 2015.

The ban naturally led to hue and cry that basic rights of people (especially people belonging to a minority community) was being curtailed; after all, eating is a personal habit that should not be dictated by the government. Of course, the other side of argument was Cow is worshiped by people (read it as majority community) and hence eating a symbol of worship would tantamount to killing one’s God thus hurting sentiments of (majority) people.

Well, here is a story of triumph of human nature over subtleties of basic right versus religious sentiment.

Motorists in Bangalore, rather Bengaluru, are a notorious lot; nothing can come in between them and their destination; they honk to get their right to pass; they squeeze through any space defying science of dimension and what it can fit in; they do not mind, and more importantly others should not mind, any collateral damage that may occur during this endeavor; in short, they will brook no resistance to reach their destination.  Continue reading “Beef ban and humane feat on a Bangalore road”