On the cross road at 69!!!

As we celebrate Indian Independence Day on August 15, one question comes to my mind: How do we interpret what does Independence Day mean? Is it important to create a sense of hatred towards another country to sustain what Independence Day means?

It is interesting to see how political establishments and/or political thinkers of a nation project what Independence Day means to each country. From this thought, stems how the nation is lead and what emotions strike a chord with the nation’s folks.

I, like many Indians, take pride in the fact that our freedom was a hard fought one with sacrifice from multitude of people – some still remembered and celebrated, while most are unknown and unsung for the sacrifices they made for the freedom of their motherland. As I was watching some of the programs aired on Television, one of them was showing the evening retreat at Wagah border. To me, it looked like nothing more than a display of aggravated self-aggrandizement on both Indian and Pakistani sides. 🙂 Continue reading “On the cross road at 69!!!”


When the sky opens, Bangalore shudders!

We all have heard about man-made disaster at some point or the other–but how many of us have experienced it to appreciate the extent of destruction that man (and women!) have caused? At a macro level, there is global warming that is causing sea levels to raise, maybe changes to the climatic pattern, and so on. We may not always understand the impact of these macro level changes because the timeline over which they act is large compared with the life span of a human.

Last week, I was witness to a man-made disaster when I was caught in the deluge of water on Bangalore roads.  Continue reading “When the sky opens, Bangalore shudders!”