Opinion matters, dissent matters, so does the reaction to it

People have opinions—either for or against a position, but what really matters is reaction to dissent and not the dissent itself.

We have a Minister of State for Home Affairs, who tweets, questioning the voice behind the Kargil martyr’s daughter opinion, without giving a second thought for all the voices from North Eastern India that have been facing “blockade” from rest of India…

We have an MP, who tweets, comparing the “dissenter” to Dawood, the dreaded terrorist responsible for Mumbai blasts that killed scores of people, but little realizing the fact that a draught in his home state is just as deadly a predator as a bomb….

We have a retired cricketer, who tweets, mockingly he had nothing to do with the records he is associated with; it was his bat that must be the patron of records. He misses the analogy that he started to talk (as a commentator) only after his bat stopped doing the talking!

We feel agitated when one of our fellow countryman was shot dead by an American who believed it was his right to protect his country from “outsiders”. But at the same moment, another American attempted to save our fellow countryman, while standing up to his own countryman. So, who is the dissenter?

A different view point is not a voice of dissent to be equated with rebellion.

In a society, it is not about one’s opinion versus another—it is reaction to other’s opinion that defines the society we live in.


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